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Saturday 14 September, 2019 | RSS Feed

Is The NFL's Rooney Rule Really Progress?

The NFL's Rooney Rule, put into place to make sure the interviewing of minority candidates in the process of hiring coaches and executives in the NFL. The rule states that a team MUST interview a minority for an open coaching or executive position within an organization. With the coaching turnover after the 2012 regular season it would stand to reason that at least one African-American head coach would have been hired, they weren't.

It has been six years since Mike Tomlin, last African-American head coach hired from outside an organization, was hired in Pittsburgh. In an article for Gregg Rosenthal said there was a "startling lack of diversity" in the hiring of this NFL off-season. I don't think I could disagree more.

In no way can I believe that we live in a "race blind" utopia where skin color doesn't matter. Racism is far from gone but, as much as we must admit that racism is still alive, we HAVE made strides and diversity for the sake of diversity is not only pointless but dangerous. We are just as wrong to demand hiring of any race or class of people as we are in denying work to the same race and class. The focus needs to be on who is the best person for the job and nothing else.

If you tell me that a team passed on Lovie Smith for a high school coach from "Middle of Nowhereville" then we can address that issue independently. To force the interviewing of someone on race is equally demeaning to the person being interviewed and the process itself. Does anyone feel that if you were the African-American coach heading into the "interview" knowing that you're the "Rooney Rule" candidate for the team that the person wouldn't wonder if they actually had a shot at the job?

If the NFL wants to enforce the fair process of hiring in the league then simply find an example where a qualified person was passed over and attack the team that excluded the candidate. The simple truth is that if Mike Tomlin, Tony Dungy, or Lovie Smith were passed over for a less qualified white coach then the team itself would learn the lesson when the smarter less racist team that did hire them kicked their ass up and down the field. I would simply like to see one example this season where a minority candidate was passed over for position due to race? It didn't happen and minority candidates should be insulted that there are rules to govern the opportunities given to them. Insulted because the ugly truth is that the "racist" team will simply go through the motions and hire who they please. Winning will super seed anything in the high dollar NFL and greedy owners.

I could be wrong but I doubt that the hire of Mike Tomlin has nothing to do with the Rooney Rule and more to do with a great coach being the most qualified. It's time to work the simple truth into the argument no matter how unpopular that truth is. African-Americans do not need forced interviews to get jobs in the NFL in 2013. Any team owner passing on a Tony Dungy because he is black will not see much in the way of survival because the talent of these men will rise to the top. Grow up and stop treating these qualified men as if they need help due to their skin color.

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