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Brilliant Marketing Strategies Mark The Converse Success Story

Every business is a competitive one and the players constantly need to innovate as well as strategise to stay on top or hold on to their market share. The shoe making business has seen so many new entrants over the years that it is really creditable of the existing leading brands to be able to maintain their leadership positions in either a particular product line or geographical market. Converse is one such brand that has carved out a niche position for itself amidst so many other brands by just concentrating on sports through its brand of sneakers. This brand has managed to remain the preferred brand for sports shoes by concentrating on this niche and keeping control on their overheads so that they can offer affordable pricing to its customers

However, when it started out, this was not the idea. The man behind the brand Marguis Mill Converse started out by making rubber soled boots that were good for winter wear. It turned out that the shoes he ultimately manufactured took the shape of work boots as well as a medley of tennis and canvas shoes. This became so popular that his company came to be known as the one making exclusive 'sneakers' or tennis shoes.

The smart aspect of the business going forward lay in his assimilation and adoption of new technology as well as soliciting favourable endorsements from leading basketball players in those times. This led to the brand becoming very well known as a trusted and durable one.

Another brilliant marketing strategy the company adopted was to maintain affordable pricing for the shoes. Unlike other companies who also sought such endorsements but sold their products for a significant premium hoping to ride on the fame and popularity of celebrity endorsements, Converse took a contrarian route and sold its boots at a price that was affordable to the common man. This move worked wonders since the brand not only became a craze in the US but also within Europe. People were thrilled that they could get access and actually buy a brand endorsed by top professional players. They were hitherto deprived of the opportunity of buying any of the sports professionals endorsed brands primarily due to the exorbitant pricing and yet here was a brand that was available at a price that was not out of reach for them.

The strategy worked perfectly as Converse Shoes had anyways built capacity to cater to the large demand and they could cater to it. Though they made shoes for both women and children, the shoes made for men became more popular. The reason was that most of the endorsements came from top men tennis and basketball players.

Converse shoes as a brand has made sure that anybody wanting to buy affordable sports shoes will automatically opt for them and that has been proven by the healthy market share they have been enjoying over the years. So if you are into sports, go ahead and pick up that pair of Converse shoes to enjoy many years of comfortable sporting activity.