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Download Dvd Quality Movies - Save Time And Money

Downloading movies, music tv shows and games can be a great way to go, If done legally, it can certainly increase your entertainment library quickly and inexpensively.

Here's what to consider:

* Does the site offer Legal downloads? Many of the sites that offer"free" downloads are not totally legal and you can get in a ton of trouble if you get caught! * Are the downloads compatable with your DVD player or other equipment? It would be a real drag to sign up for a service to then find out what you just downloaded won't play on your DVD player. * Do they have good customer service and support? It's always reassuring to know if you have any questions or have any problems, they will be addressed quickly and efficiently * What is the video quality like? The best services guarantee DVD quality downloads. * Is it worth the fee? Cheaper is not always better. * What kind of guarantee does the service offer? A good company will stand behind it's service. * If not satisfied can you get your money back? Once again, a good company will offer a money- back guarantee.

Now that we are beginning rerun season on TV, most of us will be looking for other things to watch. Let's face it, you can only watch so many reruns of Scrubs before you're ready to barf.

The other alternatives include renting videos via mail or driving across town to the video store. Neither of these choices are overly inviting (especially with gas at $3.50/Gal.). A friend of mine told me to simply download DVD quality movies to my computer. a concept!

Features to look for:

1. Large number of files to choose from 2. High Definition or DVD quality picture and sound 3. Do they also offer other media - ex: TV shows, games,music videos the package? 4. Unlimited downloads 5. No monthly or recurring fees 6. Download anytime - 24/7 7. Full Movies - not overly edited or cut-down versions 8. Copy VHS, DVD or games to CD - no DVD burner needed 9. Good Customer service

10. Guarantee No pop-up ads or spyware


? High speed downloads

? No time limits - can you resume anytime?

? No Bandwidth limits

? No content limits

?You can save alot of money and time getting your videos this way. And you'll never pay late fees again.

This can be a great way to greatly increase your movie, music and game library quickly and inexpensively, but you would be well- advised to stick to download sites that you trust. I encourage you to do a little checking to find out if the site you're considering is trustworthy and forthcoming with any information you request.

Considering how lousy the programming on T.V. has been since the Writer's strike, maybe it's time to look into downloading movies and T.V. shows onto your computer and simply burning them to disk (If you want to).

This gives you the option to go back and watch whatever you want-- be it an old western movie or your favorite recent Sitcom. You can even take them with you and watch them on a portable DVD player. Now you can even download to your Playstation Portable, iPod or iPhone!

Ain't Technology Great!