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Ecco Street Premiere Golf Shoes - Cool Looks and Performance

The Ecco Street Premiere golf shoe is one of the most fashionable and popular on the market today. Not only do they look great, but they offer features to help you improve your shots and performance in the game.

These shoes became even more popular when Fred Couples wore them at a golf masters tournament in 2010 and shot a 66. His feet got as much attention as his low score. For the first time, a major player looked like he was wearing a pair of every day sneakers. He was at the top of Masters 2010 leader board in the opening round.

The resources from mentioned that Fred Couples was wearing Ecco Street Premiere golf shoes at that tournament. So from that moment, their popularity increased tremendously.

What was the reason Fred Couples was wearing these golf shoes?

The reason was very clear. He wanted a refreshing and different option than the traditional look on the course. They are made of high quality leather material and a premier rubber sole. These shoes are really light-weight and still look very professional.

Its full grain leather uppers as well as sleek mid-soles provide great comfort and reliability during the play. It has also pre-molded traction bars which provide great traction. These golf shoes also have a great in-built stability design which gives us high graded torsional support as well as sufficient power for all types of golf swings.

Ecco Street Premiere Golf Shoes Advantages

The most unique characteristic thing about these shoes is that they are very lightweight in nature yet they provide greatest strength as well as support during every swing. The Company is a global leader in manufacturing innovative footwear for men, women as well as kids. It is Denmark based and they have been producing real high quality products for more than 48 years.

Flexibility, breath-ability and innovative designs are few strong characteristics of Ecco Street Premiere golf shoes. Streetwear inspired - you cannot even tell they are for a sport. After the spike in its popularity during 2010 Masters Tournament, the company has come up with variety of designs and looks.

Make no mistake- while the shoes look like every day footwear, the technology behind the shoes are specific to playing golf and being able to keep your feet dry and your body steady regardless of the terrain of the golf course or the type of shot you are attempting to make.